Monday, June 21, 2004


Muhafatha Council - Financing

As with the Naheya councils, 10% of all government spending can be allocated yearly to Muhafathas. At present, the funds can be divided equally between Muhafathas (with Baghdad, because of its size, given three shares). For the present budget, this would mean an $m 30 per Muhafatha ($m 90 for Baghdad). Next year, the average figure is expected to be $m 80 on average. A more equitable method would be to allocate funds according to population (1997 census figures may be challenged by many people!). Whatever the case, such funds would be beyond the dreams of most Muhafathas (apart from Baghdad) compared to the allocations they used to get over the past decades.
Again, it is crucial that strict financial supervision and auditing is installed in the spending system to prevent mishandling, corruption and ill-practices.

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