Monday, June 21, 2004


Muhafatha Council - Responsibilities

1. Hospitals; building, financing, and supervision.
2. Universities and technical and scientific institutes; land allocation, building, financing and participating in their governing board without interference in their professional independence.
3. Establishment of scientific, social, technical and industrial research institutes, particularly those with a local nature (for example, woods, desertification, Kurdish history, etc.).
4. Industrial sites and industrial development projects; land allocation, service provision, licensing and support.
5. Major transport networks (roads, railways, waterways, etc.) at the Muhafatha level and coordination with national networks and local, naheya networks.
6. Electricity networks at the Muhafatha level; again, coordination between the national grid and the Naheya networks.
7. Muhafatha police, traffic police and security.
8. Telephone exchanges and networks.
9. Licensing of mass media; newspapers broadcasting stations, etc.
10. Coordination of irrigation and agricultural activities at the Muhafatha level.
11. Prisons and rehabilitation.
12. Suggestion of projects to Naheya Councils.
13. General coordination and arbitration between the various Naheyas in the Muhafatha.
14. Construction and licensing of agricultural-produce wholesale sites, car-sale sites and large recreation development projects.
15. Financing and service provision to Muhafatha-level court houses.

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