Monday, June 21, 2004


Naheya (District) Council Responsibilities

1. Schools: primary, intermediate and secondary.
2. Health and local clinics.
3. Drinking water supply.
4. Local electricity supply networks.
5. Local telephone lines.
6. Local roads.
7. Social welfare, especially orphans, widows and the disabled.
8. Irrigation water management and rationing; irrigation and drainage channel maintenance.
9. Agriculture; lease of public lands; licensing animal husbandry projects.
10. Public parks, cinemas, restaurants and other recreation facilities.
11. Houses of worship.
12. Supporting and supervising local cooperatives.
13. Veterinary clinics.
14. Local planning and building licensing in coordination with Muhafatha councils.
15. Running and maintaining local court building(s).
16. Local police and security.
17. Maintaining the offices of the Naheya representative’s to the National Assembly.
18. Facilities for public meetings.

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