Monday, June 21, 2004


2. Muhafatha (County) Councils

Each Naheya council can then select a seventh of its members to represent the Naheya at the next upper level of Governorate or “Muhafatha”.
The elected members from the Naheya Councils will then form the Muhafatha Council. A similar procedure can be followed at the Muhafatha level:
• A governor can be speedily appointed.
• A seventh of the Muhafatha Council members can be elected to represent the Muhafatha (County) at the National Legislative Assembly.

The scheme can also accommodate the special problem of Iraqi Kurdistan. A coalition, league or union of several Muhafathas can be forged to cater for their specific requirements within a unified country.
Only two of the 18 Muhafatha councils may pose some problems: Baghdad, due its shear size (for which there are a number of practical solutions) and Kirkuk, for well-known reasons.
Careful attention needs to be paid to defining the sphere of responsibility of the Muhafatha councils, particularly in preventing their dominance over Naheya councils.

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