Monday, June 21, 2004


1. Naheya (District) Councils

Elected representatives from the Mahallas (or neighborhoods) can immediately form the Naheya Council. This council can then speedily appoint a Naheya administrator to perform already defined duties of running the Naheya.

In addition to the above advantages, this scheme has the following useful features:

• It satisfies the widely diverse ethnic, religious requirements of self government, language, heritage, etc.

• More equal and fair regional development opportunities especially for those many regions that were previously neglected.

• It ensures justice in distributing the country’s wealth (particularly that there is no need for local taxes due to Iraq’s oil wealth!)

• People will be governed locally by their own people who understand their needs and priorities better than any central government.

• De-centralizing the government, with all the benefits this brings to people.

• Ensuring the continuity of democracy! Its base is so wide that it cannot be easily stolen again.

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