Monday, June 21, 2004


Neighborhood Elections

Both objectives of rapid democracy and local government can be achieved simultaneously using these existing small neighborhoods.

• The neighborhood is small and people usually know each other. (A major feature of Iraqi life is that people are not “little isolated islands”, they are usually very much involved with other people surrounding them!)

• These areas are usually ethnically, religiously, economically or socially rather homogeneous.

If electoral districts are based on these zones:

• Elections can be carried out rather rapidly. No electoral lists or registers are needed. In a matter of a few days, each district can elect a single representative. (Suggested procedure has been worked out in detail – see below for outline).

• Elections can be run relatively smoothly due to the “uniformity” of the population with little risk of friction or violence.

• Little electioneering or campaigning is needed. People will vote for candidates they already know.

• There is much less chance of election “rigging” or intimidation.

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