Monday, June 21, 2004


Proposal Highlights

1. The solution is to have “small cantons” that are more or less “homogeneous” deciding how they want to live within a unified country.
2. The proposed solution is to have such “cantons” at two levels: the District (Naheya) and the County (Muhafatha). The first, being small enough to ensure some homogeneity and the second large enough to ensure some executive and financial muscle.
3. These units can have real power through a de-centralised system of government. All of these units will meet all the various requirements if they are given some fiscal teeth! This can be achieved by the division of the country’s substantial income; say: 50% to central government, 25% to 20 Muhafathat (Baghdad being three) and 25% to about 300 Naheyas.
4. This will also ensure that many, many individual “executives” will take part in rebuilding our country (instead of burdening poor Haliburton with such a mammoth task).
5. At the same time the Muhafathas (or Counties) are not big enough to have the ability to survive as separate entities! This should quell fears regarding the country’s disintegration.

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